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Green Project Awards Ceremony

[ 20/11/2013 ]

In recent years, the Green Project Awards were consolidated as the main project of sustainability and green economy in Portuguese language, promoting relationships between Government, companies and NGO, focusing simultaneously on the change of mentalities.

This year, the winners of the GPA Portugal were revealed during the debate "Mobilising Portugal for Green Economy", which took place in Champalimaud Foundation, in Lisbon. The event was attended by a number of distinguished guests from the national and international arena, from rulers to business leaders, among which stands out the Minister of Agriculture and the Sea, Assunção Cristas, the Minister of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, Jorge Moreira da Silva, the Secretary of State for Sport and Youth, Alexandre Mestre, the State secretary for the Environment and for the Spatial Planning, Paulo Lemos, the State Secretary of the Tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes.

The AGROGESTÃO was among with the five finalists in the category INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

Although we have not been selected by the jury as winner of this category, it is with great honor that the AGROGESTÃO, was included in the range of 5 finalists for this category. It is with great joy that the team of AGROGESTÃO receives this recognition of the value of its work around this question.

We thank the whole team of GPA by the kind invitation and for the excellent organization at this awards ceremony.


The AGROGESTÃO applied to category of IT, with it´s project connected to environment -AGROGESTÃO.net - AGRO.PEGADA .

The platform AGROGESTÃO.net intends to be a pillar of the communication with the outside world potentiating relevant information to the management of the Agri-food sector companies.

It´s a tool for compulsory registration and that optimised the information produced by the range of applications AGROGESTÃO in three diferente áreas:

- Comparative Management

- Traceability

- Ecological footprint

For more informations, get to know this initiative in: http://agrogestao.com/ficheiros/PlataformaAGROGESTAO-NET.pdf