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Suggestions for a Christmas Basket

[ 18/12/2013 ]

Ripened cheese, lemon verbena, meat saussages, jam of indian figs, along with a wine that has received a medal Vienna are some of the products that are part of our Christmas basket.

Like all years, we take this opportunity to give products of various regions, unique and produced in a authentic way.

They are all a sample of customers AGROGESTÃO.

Infusions Casa Velha

The Casa Velha is a space for meeting and personal development in contact with nature, through cultural, social and spiritual activities that promote the healthy growth of relations with himself, with God and with others. Customer AGROGESTÃO ® since 2012.


Olives stuffed with peppers – Select Cuisine – De Prado

The De Prado´s Family is linked to the olive growing since 1831, in Spain, but it was in the year 2000 that they came for the Baixo Alentejo. The entire production is in the hands of the family, as well as the marketing and sales. Customer AGROGESTÃO ® since 2011.


Meat Saussages (Homemade and Traditional Blood Sausage and Moorish Blood Sausage) – Tricar

The TRICAR Industrial Company of Meats, Lda is located in Sao Martinho do Porto, Alcobaça. It is a company with credit on the market, working mainly the small retail. Customer AGROGESTÃO ® since 2013.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Olidal

In 1998 a set of farmers worried about the future profitability of their olive groves, have decided to join up to build an olive oil mil. Thus was born the Olidal – The 1st ecological mill built in Portugal. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olidal is the fruit of a rigorous selection of olives of varieties Galega and Cobrançosa, of planted olive in sunny slopes of Alentejo. Using OLIGESTÃO® since 2010.


Sheep Cheese - Ovelheira, Lda – Herdade da Abelheira

The cheese factory Ovelheira, Lda is situated in the district of Mertola and produces different types of cheese. 

Received an Honorable Mention in the category of curd in the competition "Best cheese 2011" in FRILAC 2011, and use for their daily management the AGROGESTAO ® since 2013.

Jam of Indian Figs – Vila Maria 

The company Doces Candeias, Lda is located in Vila Nova de Sao Bento - Serpa, since the beginning of 2012.

Their products are handmade, without the use of colorings or preservatives. Is customer AGROGESTÃO® since 2012

Wine Dory 2011 – Adega Mãe

The Adega Mãe is the most recent company born in Group Riberalves. Inaugurated in 2011, is the response of the family Alves to the enormous passion for all activity related to the vineyard and the wine. Is customer ENOGESTÃO ® since 2013.