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​Project “Terra do Futuro” in Quibala, Kwanza-Sul

[ 22/12/2014 ]

The project “Terra do Futuro” (Land of the Future) started in 2009 and is located in Cariango, Quibala, Kuanza-Sul, in Angola. Its main goal is to make the installation and training of 60 young farmers, through the delivery of farms already deforested and properly structured, where the estimated value of each project is approximately 1.4 million US dollars.

The first stage of the project consists on the clearance and settlement of the farms with 250 hectares each, and the construction of their homes, as well as the training of the candidate in techniques of production and farm management.

After this, the farms will be delivered as well as the farming equipment with guarantee of technical assistance to production and farm management for a period of seven years.

“The enterprise mission of the project “Terra do Futuro” (Land of the Future) focuses on the generation of new farmers, through their ongoing training. Other goal is to make available for them an agro-technical and administrative structure for their support.

Its main goal is to become a reference program to agriculture, expanding throughout the country, becoming an instrument that generates self-sustainability and employment, to the surrounding communities.”

Dr. Manuel João Fonseca – CEO

Many of these new and young Angolans farmers are now at the stage of exploitation of their farms, which are already producing corn. In the future may also produce, beans, soy and rice.

The project also involves a significant component agro-industrial. This corresponds to a natural need: to make the “Terra do Futuro” an integrated project, which is accompanied throughout the circuit since the establishment of the farms until the agro-industrial phase.

Initially, they are created units of selection and processing to receive the products from the farms of PTF, but they are also open to other farmers and projects in the region.

There will be processing units for each one of the following crops: corn, soy, rice, and also a feed production unit.

The collaboration of AGROGESTÃO in this project relates do the provision of the control information system to the project PTF as a whole, and also with the training of its technicians and farmers. The AGROGESTÃO team has been in PTF in Cariango and they´ve returned very enthusiastic with the project.