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AGROGESTÃO.MOBILE is a web application that runs on any type of mobile device, whether they are mobile phones, tablets or laptops (any device with a browser installed).

The AGROGESTÃO.Mobile allows the user to interact with the different applications of AGROGESTÃO, giving you great flexibility in its use.

Every time there’s an Internet connection available, the user can register information or access data in a simple and friendly way.

So, even in the field, the farmer can always control the conduct of agricultural operations on the ground and proceed to the collection of related information.

With this tool it is intended to accomplish the following objectives:

- The use of palmtops for support in the processing of information; 

- Accountability of intermediate frames and field workers for the conduct of the operations on the ground, allowing interventions to correct negative trends.

Key Features

- New field record

- New fuel supply

- New record of consumption

- New analysis

- New contact 

- Existing animals

- Field notebooks

The computer or server on which you installed the software AGROGESTÃO must have the following minimum requirements:

- This computer must always be turned on and with access to the internet; 

- Have installed the program of internet services - IIS 7.0 (or higher);

- DualCore Processor 3 GHZ (or higher);

- RAM 4G (or higher).