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AGROGESTÃO.Comercial is an instrument for document, treasury and administrative management, designed in order to serve one or more companies.

This application offers the following functions, among others:

• Managing purchases, sales and financial processes;

• Processing all kinds of documents: cash sales, invoices, receipts, credit notes, debit notes, shipping documents, consignment notes, orders, budgets, pro-forma invoices, your invoices, payslips, your credit notes, your debit notes, reception notes, bank wire transfer, loans and debt service, payments and VAT reimbursement, payments to workers, initial stocks and inventories, etc.;

• Multiple companies, multiple series, multiple variants of documents, multiple currencies and multiple printing profiles;

• Possibility of customizing detail columns in documents, defect notes and other document characteristics;

• SAFT-PT (responding to legal requirements for computer invoices);

• Control panel – window with optional automatic opening, containing summarized information of the company’s present situation in commercial and treasury terms;

• Current accounts of each entity, allowing debit and credit analysis within a given period;

• Query on debts from and to third parties, chronologically organized by date of settlement – email sending tool with information on pending documents for costumers;

• Age of debt;

• Control of VAT balance;

• Control of treasury of company(ies) and banks/cashier;

• Bank reconciliation;

• Stock control (by lot and warehouse);

• Document conversion to ease document workflow;

• Copy of documents to ease repeated processes;

• Possibility of altering documents while they have not been converted;

• Traceability of documents – allowing one to follow document workflow;

• History of changes in documents;

• Direct settlement – eases treasury control in less demanding treasury control processes;

• Analytical accounts – possibility of linking each document to an analytical control account;

• Possibility of linking each document to a responsible agent that can be used to manage commercial activity;

• Commercial conditions (prices and discounts) predefined by customer group;

• Possibility of compound discounts;

• Possibility of reviewing prices in internal reception documents, according to internal policy;

• Managing orders (reserved quantity) from customers and to suppliers;

• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Contact management;

• Printing letters, faxes and labels;

• Tool to support sending emails;

• Direct assignment – channel linking to AGROGESTÃO.Produção, which allows allocating inputs to productive activities;

• Query and listing module, which allows the user to customize his/her own complete listings by client, by product or chronologically;

• Possibility of extension to electronic invoice module (EDI);

• Possibility of extension to point of sale invoice module (POS);

• Possibility of extension to auto-sale module.

AGROGESTÃO.Comercial also has ways to record contacts (CRM) and functions to simplify certain contact procedures: editing letters, faxes, labels and envelopes.