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ENOGESTÃO is winery management software developed for small to medium size producers and bottlers as well as for big companies in the business. This application was designed to give support in different areas: economic, technical and administrative management of vineyards and wineries.

With this tool a user can count on the following functions, among others:

• Reception of grapes with possible link to digital scales;

• Simplified launch of complex oenological operations;

• Lots – editing and integral management;

• Record of leaf analysis, grapes, wines and tasting card – lists and graphs;

• Traceability – including all inputs, according to legal food safety rules;

• Stock management;

• Window with graphic representation of deposits, allowing quick query and edition of all related information;

• Blending trials;

• Warnings of deposit capacity, category mix and stock rupture;

• Support when writing Ponto Verde (recycling) reports;

• Totally customizable listings (exportable to Excel and Access).

ENOGESTÃO® is the ideal tool to implement food safety management systems, whether they are AUTOCONTROL, HACCP, or other quality certification processes. It allows the gathering, organization and systematization of all information related to the production process, in accordance to what is predetermined, making it easier to analyse such information and, subsequently, draw conclusions. For full integrated solutions contact us, we have the ideal partner for your company.