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“Informatics is an implement. In fact it is now being more important this implement than the other´s” – Portugal

“The AGROGESTÃO is a comprehensive system, but at the same time simple and easy to adapt to each farm. We now have a fantastic control of our farm, controlling costs within and outside of the orchard” – Brasil

“The ease with which we visualize the traceability of any product is amazing! ( ... ) It is a tool in which we can ascertain all the costs of production and read them in a succinct and easy way.” – Portugal

"We want to show our gratitude for the help that you have provided, whenever we ask, offering your valuable time to resolve some difficulties that arise in our work" – Waku Kungo – Angola

Any constraint checked by a producer with respect to AGROGESTÃO is studied by the team of COMPANY (AGROGESTÃO) solved and applied in the updates that will benefit all the other producers” – Portugal

“The AGROGESTÃO has helped me in the actual management of the hours worked for each employee and machine of the farm. Today we know the actual costs of the activities, products and machinery, which will make it easier to create any future project" – Brasil

"The AGROGESTÃO has benefited us greatly in the organization of our Cooperative, because through it was easy to control the fiscal notes for agricultural products, products which the Cooperative provides the producer in each season and what we have in stock” – Brasil


“The ENOGESTÃO maked easier the control of these operations (of vineyard and winery) in a way that until then it was not practiced.” – Douro - Portugal

With the control that we have over the accounts of culture ( at the AGROGESTÃO), we can see everything. I remember several examples: ( ... )we broke the cultivation of sugar beet, ( ... ) we conclude that does not compensate for making onion ( ... ).

The AGROGESTÃO is a tool of work as well as it is land, capital or labor” – Golegã – Portugal

"I have the results always at hand. My accountant does not have all the elements, nor gives me the results by activity." – Montemor-o-Novo – Portugal