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HORTIGESTÃO - Integrated Solution Management Central Horticulture is a tool to support companies the horticultural sector. It is designed to promote more efficient management to technical, economic and administrative center of the plot.

Fully developed by FZ AGROGESTÃO the HORTIGESTÃO offers numerous features from their different management modules: AGROGESTÃO - Integrated Solution Management, Reception Horticulture Module, Operations Elaboration Module, Analysis and also the Editing Labels EAN 128 Module.

With these tools the user can count among others, with the following features:

• Inspection of plots of agricultural operations;
• Systematic collection of information necessary for different types of field notebooks;
• Control the quantities of nutrients (or other factors) provided the plots;
• Registration of soil analysis, leaf and derived products for quality control processes;
• Launch simplified complex processing operations (selection, washing, packing, storage and other);
• Traceability of the field to the consumer;
• Management graphical warehouses (movements and stocks by warehouse, depot, lots - with visual control of stocks and levels of disruption);
• Management of the analytical company as a whole;
• Determination of results and costs per unit of analysis;
• Overall results of analysis of the company and use the sub unit of production;
• Financial management, cash flow, billing and accounts of customers and suppliers;
• Module contact management (CRM), support the editing of letters (mailings);
• Support the reporting of Green Point;
• Emission of identification labels for pallets (and other) according to the norms EAN 128.


HORTIGESTÃO is the ideal tool to complement the systems of food safety management whether self-control, HACCP and other quality assurance processes. Enables the collection, organization and systematization of all information relating to the production process, according to what is pre-determined, facilitating the analysis of this information and subsequent clearance of conclusions. To complete integrated solutions contact us, we have the ideal partner for your company.