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CARNEGESTÃO is a modern meat industries management software providing cross support in all these businesses area: Economic, Technique and Administrative Management for industries that prepare and processes meat: cutting rooms, cold meats, sausages, etc.

This is a software package developed by integrally FZ AGROGESTÃO included with the following toolsAGROGESTÃO Integrated Solution Management, Traceability Module, Operation Industrial Module; Analysis Module, Reception Module; Edition Label Module EAN 128.

This tool presents, among others the following features:

Release of all operations of processing - simplified launch;
Registration of analyzes f the meat with the possibility of cross-checking Suppliers, dates, types of milk; Control inventory by warehouse and storage, batch control;
Issuance of Labels EAN 128;
Graphical display of Deposits and Chambers, with rapid consultation and edition information;
Financial management, cash flow, billing and accounts of customers and suppliers;
CRM - contact management module, support in editing mailings.

Integrated with ZOOGESTÃO ® - Management of Effective Livestock - can still meet all the needs of technical and administrative control of livestock management.


CARNEGESTÃO is the ideal tool to complement the systems of food safety management whether self-control, HACCP and other quality assurance processes. Enables the collection<, organization and systematization of all information relating to the production process, according to is pre-determined, facilitating the analysis of this information and subsequent clearance of conclusions. To complete integrated solutions contact us, we have the ideal partnerfor your company.