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AGROGESTÃO.Production is an application of production management for rural world companies. It is meant for agricultural entrepreneurs who wish to control in a precise way what goes on in their companies, improving the efficacy and efficiency of their productive processes, but also those of their administrative processes.

The central aim of AGROGESTÃO® is clearance and discrimination of costs and revenues of the different activities occurring in an agricultural company, which allows, on one hand, a gradual rationalization of the use of resources and, on the other hand, better planning of agricultural activity, with resulting benefits concerning the farmer’s income.

This application was designed to support the different strands of Economic, Technical and Administrative management and offers the following functions, among others:

• Detailed control of different types of activities (results centres): vegetables, animals, grazing, forestry, processing, preservation, structural, investment and non-productive;

• Determining benefits and costs by culture, terrain, plot, leaf or any other kind of unit of analysis - activity;

• Detailed control of every production factor and costs centre, namely: consumables, services, products, self-used products, equipment, labour, construction land and its improvements;

• Detailed control of operations;

• Different ways of allocating the different inputs and cost centres;

• Possibility of choice between different forms of defrayal: standard, real and rational;

• Allows he calculation of assigned charges related to the opportunity cost of capital: land, improvements and equipment;

• Profit and loss accounts of different orientations: economic, operational and by factor;

• Profit and loss accounts identifying inputs and their technical coefficients;

• Profit and loss accounts with clearance by hectare, by unit of main product obtained;

• Stock control and historical evolution (by warehouse and lot).

• Traceability;

• Operational control;

• Phytosanitary treatments;

• Irrigation control;

• Equipment maintenance;

• Workforce control lists.

Several input and cost centre allocation windows are made available: quick allocation, combined allocation, labour allocation, ranch allocation and production orders.

In order to simplify the tool implementation process, a tool was developed for the auto-setup of several parameters, such as: cultures, operations, phonological stages, fertilizers, phytopharmaceuticals, active substances and their homologations.

It also includes every functionality of the following applications:


Billing and document processing;


Wage processing;

Using a language that is easy to understand and having been developed on a friendly graphic interface, it is an accessible tool, which is easy to learn, for managers of more modern agricultural companies as well as for small farmers in general, even those who are less acquainted with computers.